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Join #MaskUpNewHampshire

Why are we asking you to get involved?  We know that wearing a mask is one of the most simple and effective things we can do to keep the virus from shutting down our state.  It’s also a visible way to demonstrate concern and protection for others and an important way that everyone can help.  All of us have a responsibility to take part in the measures we know will keep not only our state but our surrounding neighbors, healthy and safe.

As community organizations and business leaders, you have the opportunity to help raise awareness around how we can keep New Hampshire healthy and open. 

Join the initiative today!  Download the below resources and help us spread the word - it's a simply ask, wear a mask!

#MaskUpNewHampshire Campaign Toolkit

#MaskUpNewHampshire Social Media Graphics

#MaskUpNewHampshire Email Signatures

#MaskUpNewHampshire Email Template

#MaskUpNewHampshire Flyer, Portrait

#MaskUpNewHampshire Flyer, Landscape

#MaskUpNewHampshire Press Release Template

#MaskUpNewHampshire & Vote Social Media Graphics

CDC Social Media Guidelines

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